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Instrumentals & Beats

TrinityX is a producer who has been producing music for almost 4 years. His background in piano, drums, and percussion has given him an advantage in the music industry. So get your beats today!

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TrinityX Services

As an experienced Music Producer, TrinityX can help offer his creative perspective and keen ear to your music in meaningful and productive ways. TrinityX can offer feedback and of course, help other producers in need.

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Producing and Music Feedback

Real and good advise for music

TrinityX offers good feedback for music and producing, he usually uses Repost Exchange to give feedback but you can email him directly.

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Make Music With TrinityX

TrinityX never turns down working with another musician. If you are an experienced musician, or someone working to be, TrinityX will gladly work with you to create a beat or song, so contact him below.

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Upcoming Services

Podcasts & More

TrinityX does not offer much services as of now, but he is planning and discussing future services like podcasts and more, so stay tuned!

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact TrinityX, right below.

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Repost Feedback

Get Musical Ears On YOUR Music

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Sheet Music

Music Feedback

Evolve Your Sound

TrinityX mainly uses RepostExchange to give feedback to other musicians. So get help on your music today, because as an experienced music producer, TrinityX can you some really good tips on making your music better.

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